Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Classroom Sneak Peek

I've been spending a lot of time in my classroom lately. I've got 3 WEEKS to get it in tip top shape! Oh.my.goodness. Deep breaths.....

Here's a few items that I've been working on! 

I've been collecting books from anyone who was willing to give them to me! I had some myself, at the end of the year I was given 2 boxes from an old 5th grade teacher, and I had another friend from college give me 4 big boxes of books she used when she taught 5th grade! Plus several other people that have given me books here and there.

Here's my attempt at organizing them. Yikes! I know. It's been a couple days since I've taken this picture and I'm still working on organizing them....

Here's a look at my classroom library. I found the bins at Dollar General. The chair is one that I had when I was a teenager and have had it in storage for years. The run came from Old Time Pottery.  My Mom is working on making a cute little curtain for the window.
I'm going for a bright and colorful look! I'm not nearly finished with it, but it's starting to take shape!

I also got these adorable chalkboard clothespin labels for my class! I'm planning on using these to display student work in the hallway!

This bunting banner was one of my first purchases after I found out I'd be teaching this year. I don't really have a "theme" for my class, except bright and colorful inspired by this design.

Here I've got my cursive alphabet above my white boards. (Cursive should be interesting because I don't write in cursive....ever! I print everything!) And my bunting banner is hanging off the top of my whiteboard to give it some color at the front of the room!

Here you can see an example of some more colorful parts of my classroom. Each kid has a lunch card with their lunch number. When they buy a school lunch they hand their card to the lunch lady to scan. I found the "lunch cards" letters at the Dollar Tree, and the pockets are the same design as my bunting banner. I'm also considering putting a boarder up around this sign....I haven't decided yet.

I'm also planning on using the pockets for my classroom jobs.

As you can see, my classroom is beginning to take shape! All the furniture is in place and I'm beginning to hang things on the walls! I've still got a lot of work to do in my classroom library as well as getting other items ready to hang on the walls, and don't forget bulletin boards! 

My lesson planning is beginning to come together and I'm starting to feel better about them.


  1. Your classroom is looking great! Makes me want to be a student again! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Hey! I didn't realize when I read about your blog on The Chronicles of Nat that it would be someone I knew :)
    Congrats on the teaching job - your classroom looks great! Perhaps Nat and I should come join you for a day - makes me want to be a student again, too!
    The lunch cards are my favorite, as I am a big fan of food. Ha ha