Friday, June 15, 2012

My Classroom?

I've been out of luck when it comes to working in my classroom so far. The first week of summer I was able to move a few items into my new classroom, such as a few bookshelves, a filing cabinet, and a work table. But the last two weeks I haven't been able to get into my room. Last week the school was hosting a science camp and my room was one of the classrooms they used for camp. This week the floors are being waxed, so again, I can't get in my room.

I have been able to do a little bit of work outside the classroom to get my room ready. I inherited some chairs from the teacher that left. These will be great work chairs the the students to use when they work at the work table I brought in or if they need to to work on the computer. I also inherited a tall barstool chair that will be great for me if I ever want to sit while I teach. Both of these sets of chairs needed a lot of TLC. So, my Mom came over and helped me sand them and repaint the chairs.

Here's the before:
As you can see these chairs were and interesting blue color...
(Trebek wanted to make sure we were doing a good job.)

And this barstool chair was in desperate need of help.

And here are the chairs right after we finished painting them:

They look much better with the new coat of black paint and I can't wait to see what they look like in my classroom!

Last night I found out some good and bad news about my lesson plans. The bad news, I have to scrap a lot of my lessons I've already began to map out. The reason I'll need to scrap a good portion of my lessons is because of the good news, I have more freedom than what I thought to do some different activities! For example, I found out I can use mostly chapter books instead of the typical reading books. This will be better, but I wish I would have known about it earlier.

Next week I'll be able to get back in my classroom and move the rest of my stuff in and begin having things come together! I have 6 weeks of summer left to get my classroom and lesson plans ready!

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