Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Beach and a Little Baseball...

I have been planning for the last couple of weeks to take a trip to visit two of some of my closest friends....the Denney sisters!! I've grown up with both Teresa and Tara and have always been very close with them. They both have been living in Gulf Shores for the last couple of years. Since I had the week off I decided this would be a perfect time to take a trip to visit them!

Isn't their house the cutest little beach house?

The beach was perfect! You couldn't have asked for better weather. I didn't venture into the water because I figured it was still a bit to cold. (Plus I don't like to go far into the water because I got stung once by a jellyfish.) But I enjoyed my time laying out enjoying the sun and the sand.

We had so much fun catching up and spending time together! The last night I was there we went over to one of their friends apartment to make pizzas. Their friend had a fantastic apartment and if you look in the picture you can tell she also had amazing views of the coast!

On my way back from the beach, I made a stop in Troy. My little brother, Nathan, pitches for the baseball team and they were playing a few games this weekend. I'm not the biggest fan of baseball--I think the game is long and sometimes boring--but I figured I could handle one game. So, being a good sister, I decided that I'd stop in and watch him play.

I went to two different games last year, and of course, he didn't play then, so I was hoping that "the third times the charm" and I'd finally get to see him play some. And sure enough, I was in luck! Here's Nay-Nay on the mound!

The team played pretty well, but ended up falling apart some at the end of the game and unfortunately lost. After the game, we all went to McDonald's (it's the only place open late in small town Troy) to grab something sweet and to spend some time catching up. *Excuse how tired I look was nearly midnight when we took this picture.

Whew! It was a whirlwind of a spring break and I had so much fun on my week off. Next week I continue working busily subbing, but it also kicks off the Kizer's furlough back to the states. I'm so excited to see my sister, nephew, and brother-in-law! They've started the long trek back here today and will be arriving about midday tomorrow.

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