Friday, March 9, 2012

A Healthy Snack: Yogurt Bites

I've been very busy this week subbing! I learned last year that spring time is my busiest time of the school year. Teachers start getting spring fever, are dealing with allergies, or have extra leave days they decide to use. Not only have I been subbing, but I found out this winter that I would be taking over scheduling volleyball games for the middle school teams as well. Now is the time games are scheduled, so I've been busy contacting coaches, checking dates, and trying to get all our matches set in place.

Since spring and summer are right around the corner, I know shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits aren't that far away either. (yikes!) I don't always do my best of eating healthy but I'm really going to start trying a bit harder. Everything in moderation, right?

I found this idea of putting a new twist on a great healthy snack. I like yogurt, but I'm kinda picky about what type of yogurt I like to eat--my favorite is whipped yogurt! Charlie enjoys yogurt and he eats it many morning for breakfast. So I decided I'd try out yogurt bites. These are super easy to make. All you'll need is wax paper, a plastic bag, and your choice of yogurt!

Just cut a corner out of your plastic bag, dump in your yogurt, and make dots on a piece of wax paper.

I used cherry yogurt and was able to get about 35 dots out of a 4 oz cup of yogurt.

Then, take your wax paper and set it in the freezer for a bit.

After the yogurt bites have frozen, take them out of the freezer, place them into a bowl, and enjoy!
This was a fun and new way to enjoy yogurt!

I really enjoyed these yogurt bites and I'm pretty sure I'll be making these a lot from now on!

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  1. What a fantastic snack idea! Thanks, Ashley! These would also be good with the chocolate varieties, I think.