Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Great Start to Spring Break!

This weekend started my spring break at school and I couldn't be more excited about my week off of work! I had seen on Facebook where Gigi's Cupcakes was kicking off their new spring menu with *free* mini cupcakes as well as special prices on their regular cupcakes. Knowing how much I love cupcakes, Charlie took me to Gigi's on Saturday to take advantage of this deal.

We were able to get a few of their new spring flavors...chocolate chip cookie dough, italian creme, chocolate turtle, and strawberries and cream. So far I've had two of the cupcakes and they've both been delicious! You can never go wrong with Gigi's!

Later Saturday night Charlie and I went to the Hammer's game--the Hammer's are the the indoor football league here. My Dad had season tickets last year but wasn't able to go to several of the games so Charlie and I took advantage of his loss. We went to most of the games last year and had a fun time. This Saturday kicked off the Hammer's season this year. My Dad got season tickets again and Charlie and I tagged along to the game.

Indoor football is fun and high paced. The field is only 50 yards and there's no out of bounds, only padding around the edges of the field. That way, when someone is tackled out of bounds they get knocked into the padding, which is (in my opinion) a bit more fun.  The Hammer's weren't able to pull out a win but Charlie and I enjoyed the game anyway.

Go Hammers!


Remember my dresser I've been working on? I finally finished it this weekend and I'm so happy with the way it turned out!

It really lightens up the room (we had a large dark dresser before) and makes the room feel more open. The two colors I used was Valspar Malted Milk for the base and Valspar La Fonda Boulder for the drawers. I used this dresser I found from Pinterest as my inspiration.

So here it is...the before and after!

I've been really busy at work (and will be until the end of school) and I'm so glad that this week is my spring break.
I've got some fun things planned for this week and I'll keep you filled in as my week progresses!

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  1. Dresser looks good! I like the base coat color peaking out around the drawers.