Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY: Fabric Art with Embroidery Hoops

I've been looking for some kind of art to spruce up my laundry room. I didn't want to use one of those vinyl stickers that says something like, "laundry room -- loads of fun". I wanted something unique but fit the space. I'm into collage art right now (I'm in the process of collecting items for one in our great room) and saw how you can make fabric art using embroidery hoops! These are so simple and unique, and they are super easy to make.

What you'll need for this project is:
--your choice of fabrics
--embroidery hoops
--hot glue
-- hammer and nails

If you can cut and paste, then you can make these unique fabric wall art collages. After you collect your items, start playing with your fabric to see how you'd like to display your fabric. I knew I wanted the bunting fabric to be the largest displayed, so I went from there.

*Woops, I guess I accidentally cut off the smaller hoop picture.

After you figure out which fabric you want in each hoop, lay your hoop on top of your fabric and cut your circle out. You won't need much extra fabric around the edges, just enough to glue down.

After I finished glueing all my fabric to my hoops, I played with the design layout until I found something I liked.

Once I was happy with the layout, I grabbed my hammer and nails and up they went on the wall!

As you can see, I ended up not putting the smallest bunting fabric hoop up. It didn't quite fit in my space, but I'll save it to display somewhere else. I'm really happy with the way it turned out! It looks so cute and it adds the perfect touch to my laundry room.

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