Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Busy Saturday!

This has been a pretty calm week at the Crowe household, but this Saturday was incredibly busy!

My day started with the ladies breakfast this morning at church. I went with both my Grandma and Aunt Janice. We had fun eating breakfast and hearing a few encouraging words from some of the ladies of our church. After it was over, Aunt Janice and I spent some time at my Grandma and Grandpa's house just talking and spending some time together, so I didn't get back to my house until close to noon.

Charlie and I had planned to make a trip to Lowe's to get a few items for the yard and I planned on picking up some paint for a project I'm working on. I bought this dresser for our bedroom this past fall, and it's been hanging out in our garage for the months (hangs head in shame). I meant to get to it much earlier, but it got cold and I didn't want to go outside and work on it. So there it sat.

So today was the day I got busy with working on this dresser. After picking up the paint I needed, I pulled it out, primed it and also began painting it. Here are the drawers before....

And here are the drawers after I primed them. I did finish priming and painting the body of the dresser today, but I need to go back and work on the drawers a bit more. I found a dresser from Pinterest that gave me my inspiration for the colors I'm using for my dresser. BUT, you'll have to wait until I finish it completely to have the end reveal! 

 While I was at Lowe's I thought I'd stop by to look at the flowers while I was there. I wanted to get a few items to spruce up the yard a bit but thought I'd just get a couple of items that I would just put in pots (that way I can still bring them inside in case it gets cold during the night).

Last year, I bought a Stella de Ora (I think that's how it's spelled) and planted it in my backyard  flowerbed. Well...this year it came up as two plants, so I decided I'd split it and put one on either side of the window above the flowerbed. It's kind of hard to see them because of my daffodils that are trying to hold on in the warm days we've already had this year.
I did buy the hanging petunias today and decided to put out my elephant ears I got from my Aunt Janice last year next to them. I also got a big beautiful fern for the back patio, but forgot to get a picture of it.

I bought these fun flowers to put in the middle of my backyard flowerbed--you can see them in the picture above. They are the only flowers I bought that actually went in the ground today. I'd never seen these before, but thought they looked fun! They flower in little balls and kinda remind me of pink dandelions. 

I also got one of my favorite flowers! I found this beauty... a calla lilly plant! I'm super excited to have one at the house. I have a feeling I'll be cutting flowers from it all summer. :)

As you can see, I was super busy today painting and planting various flowers in my yard. I'm glad I got as much done today as I did but now I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing evening!

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