Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Sad and Happy Week

Uncle Don with Cole, my nephew.

On Tuesday of this week my Great Uncle Don lost his battle with cancer. This visitation was last night and his funeral is today. Uncle Don (who my Dad's uncle), was born and raised in the Merrimack village in Huntsville. He was a graphic arts professor at MTSU for many years and eventually retired back to Huntsville.

He was an uncle I didn't see a whole lot but he had a special relationship with Allison, Nathan, and myself. Since he was a teacher, he was always very proud of my career choice. He loved to talk to Allison about graphic design and how it has changed over the years. He was also an avid baseball fan and loved to see Nathan play and talk to him about baseball.

He was very sweet and generous and always wanted to do special things for each of us. I know that he helped both Allison and me get our first Macs. He was also very organized. His house was always very clean and everything was in it's place. For example, he used to park his cars in his garage on pieces of carpet that was cut to the perfect size! He loved to design and make large button pins with various sayings. A lot of those buttons had something to do with Alabama (he was a big Bama fan). He also liked to make screen printed shirts. He made the shirt that Cole has on in the picture with him! He also loved to make clocks. There are tons of clocks around his house that he made. Another one of the little things I'll always remember about him is how he always liked to wear a driving cap whenever he was out and about. Uncle Don was a great man who had many accomplishments throughout his life and will be greatly missed by many. Here is his obituary from the Huntsville Times: 

My Uncle Don and his brothers and sister. 
From left to right: Uncle Tim, Uncle Don, Aunt Betty, and my Papa.


After hearing this sad news about my uncle, I did hear some happy news on Wednesday of this week. Remember my friend Lindsey who I helped throw a baby shower for? My friend Lindsey had her sweet baby girl close to 9 am this past Wednesday morning! She wasn't due for another week, so it was a little surprising to hear from her with this news this week. I decided I'd go up to the hospital that Wednesday night after church to see her and to meet baby Laney. 

Once I was there, I found out that earlier in the day when the nurses were checking on her, she was having some issues with her breathing. The way it was described to me was every so often it seemed that she would "forget" to breath. This, of course, was not the news Lindsey wanted to hear and was very distraught. They had to take Laney back to the NICU to monitor her so I was not able to see her. I did get to see some pictures of her and she is so sweet! She's got a headful of dark hair -- which was a surprise to me! I was expecting her to be bald like her Mama was when she was a baby. :)

After talking to Lindsey yesterday, Laney is doing better and hasn't had another spell where she forgets to breath. The doctor said she has to go 5 days without another episode. Lindsey went home from the hospital yesterday, so I know it's got to be hard for her to go home without her sweet baby girl. Hopefully Laney will be home is no time!

I know she'd appreciate some prayers for her baby girl!

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  1. So sweet Ashley. I like reading your blog.