Sunday, February 26, 2012

My New Favorite Band

The Civil Wars

I'm not one to listen to the radio. When I'm in my car, I usually have the radio off and have my "quiet time", but, if I'm in the mood for music I use my ipod and listen to "my" music. I enjoy music that is a bit different style than what most radio stations play. I just get tired of the same ol' songs that are played on the radio.

For the most part I like folkish/Americana type music. Some of my favorite bands include some such as, The Avett Brothers, The Decemberist, and now.... The Civil Wars. I first was introduced to them when I was watching the Grammys a couple of weeks ago. They opened up for Taylor Swift's Grammy performance and performed part of their song, "Barton Hollow". (They apparently went on Taylor Swift's tour and were an opening act for her....they also opened up for Adele at one point as well.) I was in the kitchen when they first started performing and when I heard their first few cords of music I stopped what I was doing and had to come in to see who was performing and listen to them. They went on to win two Grammy awards that night.

He kind of rocks a Johnny Depp type look and she's just adorable, and they both have amazing voices. They are a fairly new band, they've only been together since 2009. Fun fact about him...he's from Florence, Alabama! They will have two songs on The Hunger Games soundtrack -- one is a song they did with Taylor Swift and the other is just them.

Here's a clip of them singing "Barton Hollow" live back in 2011. When you listen to it, I'm sure you'll see why they caught my attention.

Here's another example of their music. This song is a bit softer and sweeter.

But wait! I'll give you just one more.

I could just keep going and going. I love their voices together, and I know I'll be following them as they keep singing and making more albums! I hope y'all enjoy them as much as I do! 

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