Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

It's Valentine's Day! I hope everyone enjoys their flowers, chocolates, and special treats you get! This is how I started my morning:

I love my Starbucks Valentine mug! I got it a couple of years ago and think it's super adorable. Charlie thinks I'm weird with all my cutsie mugs. But whatever, he likes to collect mugs too.

Here's another fun item I picked up this year at Marshalls. 

Cute!? Don't ya think? I actually found these towels back during Christmas time and couldn't pass them up. I figured if I waited until after Christmas to buy them they'd be gone. So I snatched one up for us!

Seasonal decor was one thing Charlie was not ready for when we got married. He knew I'd have some items to spruce up the house, but he had no idea that I change things out for each season or holiday. If he had it his way, he'd keep the same thing out all year round....boring. Even though he makes fun of me with all my holiday stuff, I think he secretly likes it!

I also decided to make us some Valentine treats. I thought this would be more fun than than buying a box of chocolates. Remember me showing you these cuties from A Pumpkin and a Princess??

They are brownie bites with marshmallow hearts in them. They looked really cute and super easy, so I thought I'd make them too! But, when I went to the store, I couldn't find those cute marshmallow hearts anywhere. So, I decided to get the next best thing.....REESE'S HEARTS.

I mixed up my brownie mix and filled my mini muffin pan about 2/3 full of the brownie mixture.

I baked my brownies for 13-15 minutes at 350. While they were baking I took the time to unwrap my Reese's hearts. 

As soon as I removed them from the oven I presses the hearts in the center of each brownie bite. (With the help of my sweet husband.) I was going to leave them like that, but decided later that they needed a little chocolate drizzle on top. I also stuck them in the fridge to let the chocolate harden a bit before taking them out of the pan.

And voila! A yummy and easy Valentine treat!

Trust me....these are as good as they look. I can't believe I haven't made something like them before! Plus, these treats are more special than just a box of chocolates from the store, since we made them together!

Have you got big plans for Valentine's night? Charlie and I are going to a masquerade party tonight with some of our friends at church. We're each supposed to go as a famous couple. Charlie thought of who we'd go as, so you know it's going to be good. :) I'll have to post pictures of our party later!

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