Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bunting Sewing Machine Cover

Check it out! I finally decided after my disastrous apron I made that I'd try another sewing project. So I settled on my new (and adorable) sewing machine cover! It was pretty straight forward and simple to make. I found this from Pinterest. I thought it was so cute that I would make one myself!

The original project was made by Stay-at-Home Artist.

What you'll need is:
2 fabrics of your choice -- large enough to cover your machine
7 felt squares -- 2" x 2"
Grosgrain ribbon of your choice

I used a polka dot fabric and the same zig-zag fabric I used earlier.

After you measure your sewing machine, cut the 2 fabrics the length you'll need. Make sure to allow for your seam allowance. 

Set aside your backing fabric for now.

Cut a length of ribbon 2-3" longer than the width of your fabric and pin it across your "outside" fabric, wherever you'd like your bunting to hang. Make sure to leave slack in the middle to create the drape of the bunting.

Now you'll cut four 12" lengths of ribbon. Pin about 5" from the bottom of your fabric with the loose ends facing inward. You'll pin these ribbons on both the "outside" and "backing" fabrics.
*Make sure to heat seal the ends of your fabric before you pin them.

For the felt, you'll take your 2" squares and make two cuts from the center point to an end. Then pin in place along your draped ribbon for your bunting flag. You'll then topstitch along the ribbon for the flag to secure it in place.

After sewing your bunting flag, line your "outside" and "backside" fabrics up and pin your two fabrics, right sides together and sew a them together!

Make sure to leave about 5" open on one end for turning the fabrics back to their right sides.

Here's a picture of both sides of the cover. I decided to use the zig-zag pattern that I used to cover my office chair so that they'd match if I wanted them to.

Both sides turned out cute!

So, here's the final look! I think it looks really cute with my new chair. :)

Got any new projects you've been working on?? I'd love to hear about them!

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